Santas big and small…

Found these two separate Santas on my drive home tonight. The large guy is the same one my grandma had that started off my whole collection. It had a blinking light in it, like a beacon. And the little guy…that’s the first one I’ve ever seen outdoors (it was on a covered porch). I should sneak up one night and give it a buddy or two.

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Honoring the fallen…

Well, to be honest, he didn’t really fall. I dumped a bag of Santas out during this year’s installation and these remains of a shattered Santa were at the bottom. I actually remember last year, packing them into bags and trying to shove them into the car. I was pushing particularly hard on one bag and heard a “pop” followed by the sound of cascading plastic pieces inside the bag. I knew I had killed a Santa. I’ll keep him around, I couldn’t bear to just throw him away. I’m sure there’s a role for him in some future project. Maybe I’ll put him in a jar. Even broken into dozens of tiny pieces, Santa still manages to hold that jolly grin.

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Rendering vs reality…



While visiting the Santa Clones the other night, I snapped an image of the spaces exterior. I later compared it to the original rendering I sent to the property management company to pitch the idea. It’s pretty much as I envisioned it. Now, it’s a good thing to plan things out ahead when you have limited time and need to install quickly and efficently. But what planning ahead is not good for is allowing the spontaneous results that can happen when setting up on the fly. It’s in my nature to plan things out, to make sure everything runs smooth and go according to plan. But I kinda miss the surprises. Maybe next year I’ll just show up somewhere with several bags of Santas and see what happens.

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Illuminated PDXmas comment cards…

I dropped by Newspace the other night to check on the display and read some of the comment cards people have posted on the wall. And when I say posted, I mead POSTED. Hand written on a card with a felt tipped pen and thumb tacked to the wall. Now that’s what I call leaving a note.

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Rescued Ornaments…

In addition to my Empire Plastics Christmas blowmolds obsession, I am also fold of old Christmas ornaments. I’m always digging at estate sales for ornaments I can rescue and put up for “adoption” (give as conceptual, creative, and cheap gifts for family and friends). I like to think I’m providing a service, not only for the adopter that finds themselves with a unique addition to their tree, but also for the adoptee ornament that I’ve saved from certain tragic end in a landfill somewhere.

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PDXmas portraits…

Stuart Mullenberg shot some great portraits at Newspace during the opening night festivities. Fun was had by all…

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The Santa Clones are back…


The collection has a few new members this year and has found a perfect location in
The Pearl. Just a block south of Jamison Square, they will be casting their eerie glow the whole month of December through the New Year. Cool Moon Ice Cream is nearby, serving up coffee drinks and hot chocolate (not to mention delicious ice cream) until at least 10:00 pm on most nights. I will be at the display for an informal reception Saturday night, December 10th, from 6:00 to 8:00. Come by 718 NW 11th Avenue and get your Clone on. And for St. Nick’s sake, dress warm.

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