Santas @ Newspace…

The event was a hit. You could take photos with Santa surrounded by Santas. Very meta. Thanks Newspace Center for Photography for another opportunity to illuminate their holiday party.



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Return of the Clones…


The Santa Clones are returning this year. One night only at NEWSPACE CENTER FOR PHOTOGRAPHY as part of their 2015 NEWSPACE HOLIDAY PARTY (Friday, Dec. 4th, 6:00 – 9:00 pm). More details to come…

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No Santa Clones again this year…

I was again unable to find a location to install the Santa Clones this year. It was rather upsetting to realize they’d have to stay cooped up in garbage bags up in the rafters of the garage for yet another year. I tried to let it go and not think about it too much. But perusing the Christmas candy shelves of a local grocery store the other day brought back my disappointment. It was like the universe was rubbing it in. Sigh.




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One of the best comments…

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Be nice…

I found this image and message drawn directly to the glass at the Santa display. When I came back the next day to get a better image, a storm had blown rain sideways onto the window and ruined it.

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I’m not on Facebook, and I don’t Twitter. But I am on Instagram. It’s the type of visual social network I’d been waiting for. And it seems there are a lot of folks out there that feel the same. Instagram has replaced the Polaroid 680 I used to carry around to take instant casual observations. Here is a collection of Instagram images some friends and strangers have taken of this year’s displays.

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Seat of awe and splendor…

Someone at Newspace place a chair directly across from my display, with this sign added. It’s the perfect spot to sit and take in hundreds of watts of glowing holiday cheer.

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