First batch of comments…

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I affixed a couple acrylic brochure holders to the front door of the space for people to leave comments. One is full of blank index cards and assorted pens. And hey, whoever keeps taking all the pens, quit it. There are 150 Santas watching, you know. Word WILL get up north that you’ve been naughty. The other holder is for cards with written comments to be placed. Here are some of the gems I’ve gotten so far.

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2 Responses to First batch of comments…

  1. Sara Whalen says:

    Thank God it’s Jesus approved.

  2. Peter Caravalho says:

    Your Santa obsession has evolved from the modest Nativity scene you set up at your old apartment back here in California years ago. So glad that you are spreading the weirdness–so bummed I could not see the lil’ chaps in person.

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