Admiring email…

thank you for your great santa display!  we- that’s me- m2 and my husband- foxey- are bike commuters- and head up burnside and stopped by to check out the santas, and the corner photo display- and thank you for your show- its great- i picked up a post card and was amazed at the history of the santas- a piece of history and love- thanks and merry christmas! i’ve got a snow man that’s kind of from that period too- he is out on the porch right now- greeting all passer bys- just like your santas- very welcoming- yet also… far away – inside in the warmth of that room, while we are outside , in the cold with those nasty holiday drivers!


m2 y foxey

In addition to comment cards, I’ve gotten the occasional email note. Here’s a fun one.

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1 Response to Admiring email…

  1. anon-emus says:

    i stold yer pens….jesus told me to

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